Koli. One of the greatest experiences in my life.
– Jean S. Sibelius, Famous Finnish Composer, 1909


Koli is one of Finland’s most famous national parks. The number of visitors is steadily increasing. It’s no wonder. With its miraculous nature, Koli is the only one of its kind, in the whole world.


Koli is famous and highly valued Finnish national landscape and national park. It’s situated in Eastern Finland, North Karelia and beautiful Finnish Lakeland Area. The national park has over 200.000 visitors annually, both domestic and foreign. The number of the visitors to the site increases by up to 15% a year.

Koli is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Finland, which has always been appreciated nature lovers, tourists, athletes and artists alike. Koli rises from bedrock dating back three billion years, the oldest in the world. Its peak has been a Finnish landmark for thousands of years. The ancient destination is  strongly alive and it’s still easy to fall in love to Koli. 

National park and global biosphere reserve

Despite its well-known – and thanks to the Koli National Park – the area has retained its natural beauty and value. The nature of Koli is pure, unique and diverse. The area has a huge variety of vegetation types, majestic sceneries and awesome hiking trails. The most famous views are easily accessible to people of all ages and fitness.

Koli is also part of the North Karelia Biosphere Reserve, which belongs to UNESCO’s global Man and Biosphere Program. These reserves are designated by the United Nations to promote and help support a balanced relationship between local people and nature. North Karelia Biosphere Reserve encompasses an incredibly rich blend of nature. It is home to approximately 2000 lakes let alone the massive stretch of forest covering 70% of the region.

The true gem of North Karelia

Koli’s location in North Karelia, in the middle of Finland and near Russia, provides a diverse natural and cultural product range. Koli’s nearby areas, in North Karelia region, has vivid Karelian culture, numerous natural attractions and places to visit.

More widely, the Eastern Finland and Lakeland is one of Finland’s most important tourist areas alongside the Helsinki region and Lapland, situated only 1 hour flight time and 500 kilometres from Helsinki. The nearest big city is university city Joensuu, less than one hour drive from Koli. 

Annually growing number of visitors

As the popularity of nature tourism continues to grow, the number of visitors to the Koli national park increases every year. Increasing number of visitors in Koli needs more services, restaurants, programs and accommodation. 

Koli Cultura, with its 1170 beds, restaurants, experiences, programs, wellness and other services, is the answer to growing demand, taking carefully into account the needs of a modern nature tourists. The development of Koli Cultura is also the first priority for Lieksa City, when it comes to tourism. 

Investing options?

Although there are many good reasons to invest in sustainable nature tourism, every business needs profits. Eco-friendly construction and tourism have excellent prospects for success, when the time is right, the location is attractive and the idea is profitable. That is the case in Koli Cultura.

Our revenue forecasts are based on observed attraction of Koli national park, yearly increasing number of visitors, information of growing demand for more services near nature sites and the global development prospects for nature tourism.

Koli Cultura area, 9 hectares, is covered by a detailed plan and it's owned by Napa-Koli Oy, the company developing the center. It's located in a perfect spot, along the existing customer stream, right next to the National Park.

If you are interested in investing or cooperating in the construction of the  future tourism business, please contact us for more details. We offer the opportunity for a successful investment and profitable exit.

Tourism business?

Koli Cultura creates a framework for emerging nature tourism businesses in Koli area. Due to the annually growing number of visitors on Koli national park, there is a high demand for new services and accommodation.

Koli Cultura center will include 1170 beds. They are located in 5 hotel buildings, one apartment hotel, 55 holiday apartments in different sizes and 5-star camping area. Total bed capacity in the hotel business will be 610 beds and it has 329 accommodation units in 6 buildings. 

In addition, the hotel complex includes facilities for restaurants, cafes, conferences, wellness services and various events. There will be a modern parking center for almost 300 cars under the main hotel building, which fixes the current totally inadequate parking space capacity in the area.

If you are interested in hotel business or other business sectors, such as restaurants, program services, parking center, camping area or bio-energy plant, please contact us for more details.

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