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Now if ever there is a moment when the world longs for sustainable activity. Sustainability with regard to the environment is also sustainability and success in business.


Koli Cultura’s  detailed area plan was completed in 2017. Now the project is in the design phase, before the construction. We are actively seeking investors and operators to participate. The project is coordinated by Finnish company, Napa-Koli Oy, which also owns the entire Koli Cultura land area, 9 hectares. The company has been active in Koli’s tourism for decades and it also has several construction projects in southern Finland, where its headquarters are located.

Koli Cultura project developer Napa-Koli Oy and its owner mr. Ari Uusikangas, have dozens of years of experience in tourism and demanding construction projects with several companies. Koli Cultura is originally Ari’s idea, but it’s by no means a single man’s show.

From the very beginning, the project has involved numerous actors at regional, national and international level. It has attracted great interest and and has been designed by several of the industry’s top experts. Close contact with Metsähallitus, which manages the national park, Lieksa city and North Karelia region, has been there all the time.

Koli Cultura’s idea has been the result of decades of work and has been refined by good design. The architectural competition for designing the area was organized in 2009, after which the detailed area planning process with its complaints was completed in 2018.

Merited tourism project

Koli Cultura has received a lot of interest. It has been selected as one of three of the Finnish companies in the OECD countries and Nordic Innovation’s Business Model Innovation in Tourism and Experience Industries program. It has been a sustainable model for Aalto University and Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies. 

IPCC:s recent chairman Rajendha Pachauri and Tarja Halonen have both visited the area. Over the years, the project has been featured in Finland and abroad, including London, Biarritz, Bilbao and Munich. It has also been supported at the local level. At the present, the city of Lieksa has chosen Koli Cultura as a prime destination for the development of Koli’s tourism. Today, the project is not only more timely than ever, but also ready to be implemented. It’s exactly what nature tourism is now and what tourists will be looking for in the future.

Towards construction 

Now the area is ready for construction. For calculating the profitability of our business and for investors and operators who are interested in cooperation, we have implemented cash flow forecasts and preliminary profitability calculations.

The area plan has been drawn up according to the project. The construction of a large center will be phased in and several companies will be involved within which the current owner of the area is one.

The whole project is divided into 5 separate components, which can be viewed as separate units. They include hotel, holiday, camping, parking center and bio-energy plant. If you’re interested in co-operation, we are be happy to tell you more.

Invest in the future

Eco-friendly construction and sustainable tourism have excellent prospects for success, when the time is right, the location is attractive and the idea is profitable. That is the case in Koli Cultura, which is perfectly located along the existing customer stream with a high demand for new services. 

Our revenue forecasts are based on observed attraction of Koli national park, yearly increasing number of visitors, information of growing demand for more services near nature sites and the global development prospects for nature tourism.

We offer the opportunity for a successful investment and profitable exit.

Welcome to co-operate

Koli Cultura is the biggest investment project for tourism in its area. It brings together business in many different sectors. The economic  impact in the area is great.

Koli Cultura center will include 1170 beds. They are located in hotel buildings,  apartment hotel, holiday apartments and 5-star camping area. In addition, the center includes facilities for restaurants, cafes, conferences, wellness services, experiences and various events. There will be a modern parking center for almost 300 cars and the center's own bio-energy plant.

If you are interested in co-operation, please contact us for more information. 

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